+ [2016-04-09T18:57:12Z] Zarthus it's just that there's not much gain in allowing immutable heads, when you can just branch off from a particular point and achieve the same result
+ [2016-04-09T18:57:41Z] Zarthus when reviewing code having immutable code (i.e. things you can't commit to) seems like a bad idea. Why make a pull request if your code is final?
+ [2016-04-09T19:18:37Z] apiarian so that the history of the qa department's :+1: of the merge to master is preserved in a github pull request
+ [2016-04-09T23:15:07Z] specing Wtf is this, github does not support attaching .patch files/!
+ [2016-04-09T23:15:23Z] specing but it supports .docx?!

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Posted by Spark in #github at 2016-04-09T16:24:37Z

For people wondering what the context is: I'd like to move a large svn repository ~4G when checked out, 3000 commits, from sourceforge to github -- is that very large? The reason it's so big is that it has images and binaries that have been updated repeatedly, so presumably server side it's much bigger than that because only the server has all the history in svn (correct me if wrong).
+ [2016-04-10T03:39:16Z] rook2pawn is there a way to see all issues created in repositories you own?
+ [2016-04-10T03:42:51Z] rook2pawn the https://guides.github.com/features/issues/ claims that the issues dashboard shows "All issues in repositories you own and collaborate on"
+ [2016-04-10T03:43:30Z] rook2pawn which is not true
+ [2016-04-10T12:14:51Z] dadada hi
+ [2016-04-10T12:15:13Z] dadada I created a pull request, now I added one additional commit to the branch the pull request what made from