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+ [2019-02-28T20:50:54Z] parkr :wave:
+ [2017-06-18T04:13:58Z] howdoi error: src refspec gh-pages does not match any; but I see that in git branch -r, am I missing something?
+ [2017-04-26T23:28:53Z] compadre - enjoy if you do, value for value
+ [2017-03-11T21:34:31Z] kalib Hello guys, I am trying to follow this: In order to upgrade my octopress. But when I type git pull octopress master, I receive: fatal: octopress does not appear to be a git repository
+ [2017-03-11T16:56:29Z] kalib so now I need to use rake-2.1 new_post, etc.. but it works.. good
+ [2017-03-11T16:55:56Z] kalib ok, worked now.. I had to install ruby2.1 and bundle2.1.. because my ruby was 2.4
+ [2017-03-11T16:52:04Z] kalib already tried to run bundle install but it fails because it can't install yajl-ruby-1.1.0
+ [2017-03-11T16:51:46Z] kalib Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.
+ [2017-03-11T16:51:44Z] kalib Could not find yajl-ruby-1.1.0 in any of the sources
+ [2017-03-11T16:51:29Z] kalib Hello guys, My octopress blog used to work fine.. But now I am receiving this error after cloning it to a new machine and trying to run rake new_post["my post"]
+ [2017-02-24T02:25:39Z] Ptival rake-11.1.1
+ [2017-02-24T02:25:32Z] Ptival hello, I am having trouble with "rake setup_github_pages", my rake seems to ignore this task exists
+ [2017-02-04T08:38:16Z] Oddy anyone got an idea where the problem lies?
+ [2017-02-04T08:36:09Z] Oddy I get "install: missing file operand"
+ [2017-02-04T08:35:09Z] Oddy I am trying to install Octopress according to, but I run into an error when running "rake install"
+ [2017-02-04T08:34:11Z] Oddy hello everyone
+ [2017-02-02T11:41:53Z] leventel I installed octopress-multilingual with bundler, my Gemfile is
+ [2017-02-02T11:38:43Z] leventel when I ran "bundle exec jekyll serve" I got that output:
+ [2017-02-02T11:37:11Z] leventel I have just started with Jekyll/GH pages and tried to build a multi-language blog with octopress-multilingual gem