+ [2016-04-09T18:57:12Z] Zarthus it's just that there's not much gain in allowing immutable heads, when you can just branch off from a particular point and achieve the same result
+ [2016-04-09T18:57:41Z] Zarthus when reviewing code having immutable code (i.e. things you can't commit to) seems like a bad idea. Why make a pull request if your code is final?
+ [2016-04-09T19:18:37Z] apiarian so that the history of the qa department's :+1: of the merge to master is preserved in a github pull request
+ [2016-04-09T23:15:07Z] specing Wtf is this, github does not support attaching .patch files/!
+ [2016-04-09T23:15:23Z] specing but it supports .docx?!

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Posted by Spark in #github at 2016-04-09T16:50:22Z

whereas in svn it stays server side and is less of a problem
+ [2016-04-10T03:39:16Z] rook2pawn is there a way to see all issues created in repositories you own?
+ [2016-04-10T03:42:51Z] rook2pawn the https://guides.github.com/features/issues/ claims that the issues dashboard shows "All issues in repositories you own and collaborate on"
+ [2016-04-10T03:43:30Z] rook2pawn which is not true
+ [2016-04-10T12:14:51Z] dadada hi
+ [2016-04-10T12:15:13Z] dadada I created a pull request, now I added one additional commit to the branch the pull request what made from