+ [2016-10-04T16:54:01Z] ankitraj dnf install git
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:15Z] diamonds can you set up custom domains for a project page?
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:17Z] diamonds https://help.github.com/articles/custom-domain-redirects-for-github-pages-sites/
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:36Z] diamonds I'm not clear from this if you can have a custom root domain or if it just redirects to user.custom.domain/project-name

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Posted by superguest in #github at 2016-10-04T06:17:49Z

Right when I about to do some work...
+ [2016-10-05T01:34:08Z] Retr0id Is github.com down for anyone else in the UK? I can only access it via a vpn at the moment
+ [2016-10-05T01:35:53Z] Retr0id I can't even ping it
+ [2016-10-05T01:36:10Z] Retr0id It might just be my ISP being shit
+ [2016-10-05T01:39:23Z] Retr0id The domain resolves fine. Is it possible that my IP has been blacklisted? I'm behind multi-user nat, so it's possible that someone else was abusing the site
+ [2016-10-05T01:40:29Z] Zarthus a bit of a weird question to ask at 4 AM :)