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+ [2016-10-05T01:44:36Z] Retr0id Yeah, just tried from some nearby VPNs and it works fine. I'd love to know whats causing it.
+ [2016-10-05T01:42:15Z] Retr0id And there can't be much more than a handful of active users benind the nat right now
+ [2016-10-05T01:41:45Z] Retr0id Thing is, it was working fine until about 20 mins ago
+ [2016-10-05T01:40:56Z] Retr0id I'm just really puzzled by it
+ [2016-10-05T01:40:47Z] Retr0id 2:42am here :)
+ [2016-10-05T01:39:23Z] Retr0id The domain resolves fine. Is it possible that my IP has been blacklisted? I'm behind multi-user nat, so it's possible that someone else was abusing the site
+ [2016-10-05T01:36:10Z] Retr0id It might just be my ISP being shit
+ [2016-10-05T01:35:53Z] Retr0id I can't even ping it
+ [2016-10-05T01:34:08Z] Retr0id Is down for anyone else in the UK? I can only access it via a vpn at the moment