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+ [2016-10-26T17:59:56Z] Zarthus hmm. Maybe they did away with that. I swear there was such a possibility to have github post to your own custom endpoint
+ [2016-10-26T17:59:19Z] Zarthus there're also integrations that allow you to receive a post on an event afaik
+ [2016-10-26T17:59:05Z] Zarthus There is you might like? Assuming there's nothing in
+ [2016-10-26T17:57:55Z] Zarthus pisto: In the Github Web UI?
+ [2016-10-26T17:32:48Z] Zarthus rahulch: your .ssh is still rwxrwxrwx
+ [2016-10-26T17:17:05Z] Zarthus authorized_keys and known_hosts are world readable.
+ [2016-10-26T17:16:48Z] Zarthus regardless, you want drwx for .ssh (700), and rw for all ppk and pub keypairs.
+ [2016-10-26T17:15:39Z] Zarthus without knowing what you did I can't tell ya what you did wrong
+ [2016-10-26T17:14:51Z] Zarthus if you use ssh-keygen the permissions are okay by default.
+ [2016-10-26T17:14:00Z] Zarthus Right now, you're going up to anyone, and saying "hey, wanna know my passwords?"
+ [2016-10-26T17:13:41Z] Zarthus You _dont_ want anyone to read it.
+ [2016-10-26T17:13:36Z] Zarthus You misunderstood.
+ [2016-10-26T17:11:52Z] Zarthus ls -la should show the permissions. if rwx is on anything but the owner ssh is gonna complain.
+ [2016-10-26T17:11:37Z] Zarthus not 'owned', readable.
+ [2016-10-26T17:10:46Z] Zarthus both .ssh and all files within,
+ [2016-10-26T17:10:37Z] Zarthus chances are you have it group or world readable
+ [2016-10-26T17:10:29Z] Zarthus check your ~/.ssh permissions
+ [2016-10-26T15:17:24Z] Zarthus zq: Sorry, the thought of resetting it didn't really come up to me as something people would want to do.
+ [2016-10-26T15:15:52Z] Zarthus ilyaigpetrov: it uses/used gravatar in the past, but you can totally manually upload yours
+ [2016-10-26T15:00:16Z] Zarthus pretty much the same as to how any other service would work