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+ [2016-10-10T21:52:07Z] diamonds is there a Custom Markdown Processor for github's markup library?
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:36Z] diamonds I'm not clear from this if you can have a custom root domain or if it just redirects to user.custom.domain/project-name
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:17Z] diamonds
+ [2016-10-04T21:07:15Z] diamonds can you set up custom domains for a project page?
+ [2016-09-28T21:47:33Z] diamonds wasn't sure if jekyll would do that (include self)
+ [2016-09-28T21:47:27Z] diamonds still need to put links and stuff in but the structure works
+ [2016-09-28T21:47:13Z] diamonds
+ [2016-09-28T21:46:39Z] diamonds yay my recursive tree menu template thingy is working ^_^
+ [2016-09-28T21:44:53Z] diamonds what is doing that `include.param` ? is it a jekyll thing or a liquid thing?
+ [2016-09-28T21:44:18Z] diamonds dang that just escaped me in the liquid docs
+ [2016-09-28T21:43:21Z] diamonds thanks allejo
+ [2016-09-28T21:43:18Z] diamonds where's the best docs source for liquid templates
+ [2016-09-28T21:43:07Z] diamonds dang I didn't see that
+ [2016-09-28T21:43:04Z] diamonds allejo, OH it's via include. ???
+ [2016-09-28T21:41:30Z] diamonds are these accurate?
+ [2016-09-28T21:40:21Z] diamonds this works not
+ [2016-09-28T21:40:18Z] diamonds {% include sidebar_menu_list_items.liquid menuitems=sidebar.children %}
+ [2016-09-28T21:40:16Z] diamonds how do I pass a value to a template include