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+ [2016-10-03T17:40:20Z] eszett_chatzilla allejo: thanks. its weird it say "0 byte" there, though there are lotsa files in my repo
+ [2016-10-03T17:38:11Z] eszett_chatzilla hi! I see my repo on github, but somehow i miss the info how much size it is (3mb? 300mb?) where can I get that info?
+ [2016-10-03T16:19:32Z] eszett_chatzilla i have a question. Are github passwords case sensitive?
+ [2016-10-03T15:16:34Z] eszett_chatzilla ah, thats what i swas looking for, thanks g√ľnther
+ [2016-10-03T15:14:57Z] eszett_chatzilla wait.. i've created a github repo, and succeeded in pushing a local repo to github with the command line (terminal). so far so good. but what i need to know now is how to create a github repo with cmd.exe, but i guess that is not possible? I need a special API for that you say
+ [2016-10-03T15:12:20Z] eszett_chatzilla but my intention was to use git with github
+ [2016-10-03T15:11:44Z] eszett_chatzilla I know, but arent both used in combination? to push local repos to online repos?
+ [2016-10-03T15:10:38Z] eszett_chatzilla i installed git, to create local repos, and use it to push them to github then
+ [2016-10-03T15:10:01Z] eszett_chatzilla i've installed git, is that an sufficient API?
+ [2016-10-03T15:06:59Z] eszett_chatzilla well, id like to learn it the hard way first, without GUI
+ [2016-10-03T15:03:19Z] eszett_chatzilla I have a question. can i create a github repository from command line, without opening the browser at all?