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+ [2017-02-03T21:11:39Z] gynter because i'm too new user there :P
+ [2017-02-03T21:11:32Z] gynter pretty annoying i can't send private message in forums
+ [2017-02-03T16:30:53Z] gynter okay, whadever :D
+ [2017-02-03T16:30:48Z] gynter ./help
+ [2017-02-03T16:30:30Z] gynter ./tell
+ [2017-01-31T20:57:14Z] gynter allejo: nope, talk still ded
+ [2017-01-30T10:02:28Z] gynter forums still down...
+ [2017-01-26T15:21:51Z] gynter jep
+ [2017-01-26T15:16:50Z] gynter seems to be down for days now
+ [2017-01-26T15:16:44Z] gynter anyone knows about jekyll talk something?
+ [2016-11-12T22:48:53Z] gynter and good night :D
+ [2016-11-12T22:48:50Z] gynter hello
+ [2016-10-28T20:09:10Z] gynter yea
+ [2016-10-23T21:27:44Z] gynter Fernando-Basso:
+ [2016-10-23T20:57:38Z] gynter use your imagination ;)
+ [2016-10-23T20:57:23Z] gynter no
+ [2016-10-11T19:49:16Z] gynter ah you mean only commit history? yes, that's possible without forking too
+ [2016-10-11T19:36:45Z] gynter you can fork, but not copy the whole project
+ [2016-10-11T19:30:23Z] gynter afaik copying isn't possible
+ [2016-10-11T19:30:13Z] gynter afaik you can change project ownership in settings