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+ [2020-02-03T15:30:03Z] johnch R2robot: thank you for your help with this BTW. :-)
+ [2020-02-03T15:25:54Z] johnch (that's the address that the verification e-mail came from)
+ [2020-02-03T15:25:20Z] johnch R2robot: have just verified my e-mail again and added to my whitelist. If that doesn't work then I guess the next step is a different provider
+ [2020-02-03T15:17:36Z] johnch R2robot: yes, that would probably be one option which I must now consider
+ [2020-02-03T15:17:19Z] johnch the e-mail shown is correct and I receive the e-mail with the verificarton link from Github - which appears to show that I can receive e-mail from Github
+ [2020-02-03T15:15:36Z] johnch ... until a while later when it happens again
+ [2020-02-03T15:15:15Z] johnch R2robot: that I can complete the verification process and after that log in successfully
+ [2020-02-03T15:14:38Z] johnch this in effect says that the provider is not accepting the e-mail, but since verification works....
+ [2020-02-03T15:14:00Z] johnch The mailserver for is not accepting our messages to Please check the spelling of your email address and make sure email from GitHub is not rejected by any (spam) filter.
+ [2020-02-03T15:13:51Z] johnch Here is the rest:
+ [2020-02-03T15:13:34Z] johnch I veryfy it which works fine, but a few minutes later it happens again
+ [2020-02-03T15:13:19Z] johnch Before you can contribute on GitHub, we need you to verify your email address.
+ [2020-02-03T15:13:19Z] johnch Please check your email settings
+ [2020-02-03T15:13:12Z] johnch R2robot: because access to the account is suspended and I can't upload or log in. I get this:
+ [2020-02-03T15:11:14Z] johnch normally if something is being blocked as spam, it should be listed there, but there is nothing except one unrelated actual spam message
+ [2020-02-03T15:10:19Z] johnch I have had other e-mails blocked by the provider with whom the e-mail associated with the problem account is and then mysteriously work again so I can very much believe that this ISP is involved. I could whitelist the GitHub e-mail address if I knew which it was. I have already whitelisted (feature on my account on the provider portal) but that made no difference.
+ [2020-02-03T15:06:32Z] johnch R2robot: no, have had that for maybe a couple of yesrs of more. The 'general' account is much newer.
+ [2020-02-03T15:05:48Z] johnch R2robot: the other account is fine. E-mail address is with a different provider
+ [2020-02-03T15:04:22Z] johnch R2robot: no, but I have tried a different browser. Just going to try and log in with the other (general purpose) account
+ [2020-02-03T15:02:51Z] johnch registered to different e-mail addresses