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+ [2020-07-18T14:14:35Z] rawtaz lol, this channel is always completely dead when im here
+ [2020-07-18T12:15:02Z] rawtaz hi. im looking at and it says "This branch is even with khodzha:master" (khodzha:master being the upstream). but looking at i dont even see the khodzha repository, why is that?
+ [2020-07-11T22:41:28Z] rawtaz thanks
+ [2020-07-11T22:41:27Z] rawtaz it worked. temporary github glitch
+ [2020-07-11T22:33:11Z] rawtaz i force-pushed the branch again to just touch it to trigger re-runs of the checks. right now it seems that theres just one travis check (previously there was two), so perhaps it's fixing itself this time
+ [2020-07-11T22:27:51Z] rawtaz ok, so, where on github do you kick to make it understand that a travis build actually has completed and with a successful result? github fails to understand that for one of the checks in
+ [2020-01-31T18:41:32Z] rawtaz you can always mail github support otherwise
+ [2020-01-31T18:41:26Z] rawtaz osa1: its quite dead, this channel, but it is indeed a valid place to ask :)
+ [2019-12-11T16:01:36Z] rawtaz i have a question.. after creating feature branches locally and pushing them to remote, opening and getting a PR merged, i delete my local branches. but then im left with a bunch of branches over at origin on github. what's the easiest way to "delete all branches on a remote, that does not have a local branch with the same name" without having to manually delete them one by one?
+ [2019-12-07T01:27:04Z] rawtaz question: can one rename the "good first issue" label to e.g. "easy pick" and still have it be used by github as it is now? i'd like to keep the functionality of that label, but with it having a different name.
+ [2019-12-05T01:50:55Z] rawtaz or must i completely clone the fork repository and work from within that clone instead?
+ [2019-12-05T01:49:31Z] rawtaz and is there any way i can check if that checkbox is checked or not, myself?
+ [2019-12-05T01:49:02Z] rawtaz is this likely because the author of the PR hasn't checked the box that lets maintainers push to his branch?
+ [2019-12-05T01:48:44Z] rawtaz hi peeps. i have a PR in a repo i am maintainer in, and i need to fix up some stuff in the fork's branch for this PR before merging. i added the fork as a remote, then created a branch off upstream master and cherry-picked one commit from the fork's PR branch. but when trying to force push my local branch to that fork remote PR branch, i get 403.
+ [2014-10-30T00:07:59Z] rawtaz lol
+ [2014-10-29T23:20:57Z] rawtaz stylish makes it much nicer to override CSS. had to do it with javascript previously :<
+ [2014-10-29T23:18:58Z] rawtaz <3
+ [2014-10-29T23:18:51Z] rawtaz gotta love firefox..
+ [2014-10-29T23:17:51Z] rawtaz thanks for the tip about stylish
+ [2014-10-29T23:17:43Z] rawtaz :)