+ [2016-06-04T20:57:09Z] drro is it possible to simply download a fucking file from github to disk, from web ui?
+ [2016-06-04T20:57:32Z] preaction there's a Raw button
+ [2016-06-04T20:57:43Z] drro the problem is I'm using android, instead of normal OS/webbrowser and neither seem to have builtin tool for such "strange" task
+ [2016-06-04T20:57:51Z] drro preaction: which opens it as text
+ [2016-06-04T20:58:23Z] drro maybe there should be a download button, that forces browser headers/mime that does a download

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Posted by zzookk in #github at 2016-06-04T17:34:46Z

jhass: same situation(( http://eparticipation.github.io/index.html and https://github.com/eparticipation/eparticipation.github.io/blob/master/index.html differences must to be in title and "11111..." in the and of page.
+ [2016-06-05T00:11:02Z] MikeClassic Can one set up webhooks on someone else's repository so it can notify when they tag a new release?
+ [2016-06-05T00:18:17Z] Zarthus nope, you will probably have to follow the atom feed (not sure if there is one for repos) or make an API call
+ [2016-06-05T00:18:24Z] Zarthus or ask them to add you to the email service
+ [2016-06-05T12:03:20Z] int-e Can a comment on github link to an issue in a way that its status is visible? it seems a bit silly to comment on another issue just to get a mention, with status, in one's own. (I'm looking at https://help.github.com/articles/autolinked-references-and-urls/ and suspect that the answer is no...)
+ [2016-06-05T16:33:32Z] npo1 Hi I'm new to git -- if I fork a repository on github, commit changes to that forked repo, and then submit a pull request to have that forked repo merged with the original repo, will those changes show up in my profile? I'm using github as a personal portfolio and want my contributions to show up