+ [2016-10-05T22:06:35Z] Zarthus for instance, the email I use for github (github@domain.com) is not the one I want to get emailed by, nor the one I commit as.
+ [2016-10-05T23:12:25Z] nedbat Geo: btw, you can often find the user's email, since it's part of their commits
+ [2016-10-05T23:12:46Z] preaction but that isn't part of the web ui that i can see
+ [2016-10-05T23:13:03Z] nedbat preaction: find a commit they made. Change the URL by adding ".patch" to the end.

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Posted by Retr0id in #github at 2016-10-05T01:36:10Z

It might just be my ISP being shit
+ [2016-10-06T03:12:58Z] Intee Yo guys, could I use Click package for arguments? I know it handles arguments and can add and do what ever with and what not but the way I want it to work is if arg1 == 'Blah': Do this; elif arg1 == 'blah': do this;
+ [2016-10-06T03:12:59Z] jeffreylevesque will github prevent me from scraping raw.githubusercontent.com?
+ [2016-10-06T03:13:12Z] Intee Woops, wrong channel.
+ [2016-10-06T03:13:15Z] jeffreylevesque like if i tried to scrape from the same page 26x?
+ [2016-10-06T03:13:42Z] Intee But while I'm here, why doesn't github allow me to login from my mobile but will from my desktop UNLESS I change my password ON my phone. If I do that then I can't access it frmo my desktop.