+ [2016-12-05T17:37:07Z] tau i have fixed the issue now.
+ [2016-12-05T17:37:10Z] tau thank you rindolf.
+ [2016-12-05T17:37:30Z] rindolf tau: you're welcome
+ [2016-12-05T18:32:40Z] acresearch just signed up for github :-)
+ [2016-12-05T18:46:45Z] rindolf acresearch: nice

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Posted by txdv in #github at 2016-12-05T14:12:00Z

also hords of of sjws flooding an libuv issue because of an misunderstanding
+ [2016-12-06T08:08:08Z] gitseeker What is the best way to pull git changes into a svn repo that will have its own changes ?
+ [2016-12-06T19:08:12Z] y3ckw7ia i'm trying to push through sublime git and it's getting hung up at pushing from master to origin. just keeps loading
+ [2016-12-06T19:08:17Z] y3ckw7ia anyone experience anything like that?
+ [2016-12-06T20:04:02Z] elliot007 yeah i've got an error too