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+ [2019-05-23T08:31:52Z] txdv github down?
+ [2016-12-13T10:21:35Z] txdv -l or -n
+ [2016-12-13T10:21:30Z] txdv Ozymandy: man grep
+ [2016-12-13T10:21:13Z] txdv and hope you will sovle it yourself
+ [2016-12-13T10:21:07Z] txdv im going to take a nap
+ [2016-12-13T10:19:58Z] txdv Is that really so hard to come up with?
+ [2016-12-13T10:19:51Z] txdv Ozymandy:*.java?
+ [2016-12-13T10:19:18Z] txdv so you log in
+ [2016-12-13T10:18:41Z] txdv your own or others?
+ [2016-12-13T10:17:34Z] txdv Mercury_:
+ [2016-12-13T10:16:49Z] txdv yeah it searches for all files ending with .c
+ [2016-12-13T10:14:45Z] txdv cat $(find ./ -name *.c) > outputfile
+ [2016-12-13T10:14:38Z] txdv cat $(find ./ -name *.c)outputfile
+ [2016-12-05T14:12:00Z] txdv also hords of of sjws flooding an libuv issue because of an misunderstanding
+ [2016-12-05T14:09:28Z] txdv imo it was a disaster
+ [2016-11-21T09:14:18Z] txdv with a timer which removes the repo
+ [2016-11-21T09:14:12Z] txdv I mean, that functionality you can code yourself actually
+ [2016-11-21T09:13:24Z] txdv probably because only 1%% would use it
+ [2016-11-21T09:08:42Z] txdv just create a public repo and remove it after day 2
+ [2016-11-21T09:01:50Z] txdv rather cheap argument