+ [2017-04-28T16:49:35Z] fire2199 I initially tried without changing and it didn't work; I then searched a bit and found how to use the checkout command
+ [2017-04-28T17:35:02Z] kang0 (kang0) Can you suggest me some softwares for my new laptop
+ [2017-04-28T18:22:32Z] _6a68 Hey githubbers, could you exclude SVG diffs from line change counts in PRs?
+ [2017-04-28T18:22:35Z] _6a68 See this PR: https://github.com/mozilla-services/screenshots/pull/2769/files
+ [2017-04-28T18:25:34Z] _6a68 It says there are about 1700 lines in the diff, but 1100ish are just lines in newly added SVG images

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Posted by diphtherial in #github at 2017-04-28T08:13:54Z

is the usual practice just to tell them, to somehow flag the lines that i'm concerned about, or to check out the branch and push my own commits to fix the changes?
+ [2017-04-29T01:17:34Z] grahamperrin[m] At the repo level: is there no way to list issues to which I am subscribed?
+ [2017-04-29T10:08:43Z] c3l How do I mark a pull request 'merged' if I merge manually from the command line?
+ [2017-04-29T11:18:24Z] c3l Someone made a pull request and I want to modify some things, and change the commit message. I can pull it, --amend my changes and then push. But then the PR wont be tagged as 'Merged'. How to deal with this?
+ [2017-04-29T17:17:10Z] giampaolo hello, when I receive a PR from users I would like to #1 checkout the change locally without merging it into master (for testing) #2 make commits and push them so that they get included in that same PR - how can I do that?