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+ [2017-04-28T09:07:48Z] diphtherial canton7: thanks again for the help and advice, heading out
+ [2017-04-28T08:26:54Z] diphtherial i suppose i'll have to wait for the PR to be merged before filing an issue, since the PR introduces the redundancy
+ [2017-04-28T08:25:59Z] diphtherial that makes sense in retrospect, hrm
+ [2017-04-28T08:19:23Z] diphtherial that's what i was missing, referencing the line as a URL in the comment; thanks again
+ [2017-04-28T08:19:09Z] diphtherial right, that makes sense; i'm going to confirm the PR since it's technically correct, but the other lines will have to be fixed later, i suppose
+ [2017-04-28T08:16:58Z] diphtherial canton7: makes sense, thanks; i was actually looking for the 'comment on a line' feature, and it seems i can comment on lines he's changed, but not arbitrary lines in the same file
+ [2017-04-28T08:14:14Z] diphtherial i'm not sure if there's a standard here or if it varies from group to group
+ [2017-04-28T08:13:54Z] diphtherial is the usual practice just to tell them, to somehow flag the lines that i'm concerned about, or to check out the branch and push my own commits to fix the changes?
+ [2017-04-28T08:13:26Z] diphtherial hey, i'm still trying to get used to using GH collaboratively; a guy on the team submitted a PR with me flagged to review it and while i agree with the changes there are a few things i'd add to it
+ [2016-11-29T16:15:09Z] diphtherial *branches, even...maybe it's time to get off the internet
+ [2016-11-29T16:15:02Z] diphtherial er, merging both brancehs
+ [2016-11-29T16:14:55Z] diphtherial eh, i'll just leave it alone, but i've verified that pulling both branches does produce a trivial conflict
+ [2016-11-29T15:35:36Z] diphtherial is there some nice way to fix that, or are they just going to have to deal with that?
+ [2016-11-29T15:35:13Z] diphtherial so when you pull them both there'll be a merge conflict
+ [2016-11-29T15:35:06Z] diphtherial ok, so apparently my two branches each add a newline at the end of the stupid file :|
+ [2016-11-29T15:26:28Z] diphtherial well, i don't particularly care if they're accepted; i'm just doing it for due diligence
+ [2016-11-29T15:26:08Z] diphtherial if i'm fixing two separate issues, should i submit two PRs?
+ [2016-11-29T15:25:50Z] diphtherial it hasn't been touched since 2014
+ [2016-11-29T15:25:45Z] diphtherial ok, so i'm submitting a PR to a project that has basically no community and no guidelines about submissions