+ [2017-04-28T16:49:35Z] fire2199 I initially tried without changing and it didn't work; I then searched a bit and found how to use the checkout command
+ [2017-04-28T17:35:02Z] kang0 (kang0) Can you suggest me some softwares for my new laptop
+ [2017-04-28T18:22:32Z] _6a68 Hey githubbers, could you exclude SVG diffs from line change counts in PRs?
+ [2017-04-28T18:22:35Z] _6a68 See this PR: https://github.com/mozilla-services/screenshots/pull/2769/files
+ [2017-04-28T18:25:34Z] _6a68 It says there are about 1700 lines in the diff, but 1100ish are just lines in newly added SVG images

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Posted by diphtherial in #github at 2017-04-28T08:14:14Z

i'm not sure if there's a standard here or if it varies from group to group
+ [2017-04-29T01:17:34Z] grahamperrin[m] At the repo level: is there no way to list issues to which I am subscribed?
+ [2017-04-29T10:08:43Z] c3l How do I mark a pull request 'merged' if I merge manually from the command line?
+ [2017-04-29T11:18:24Z] c3l Someone made a pull request and I want to modify some things, and change the commit message. I can pull it, --amend my changes and then push. But then the PR wont be tagged as 'Merged'. How to deal with this?
+ [2017-04-29T17:17:10Z] giampaolo hello, when I receive a PR from users I would like to #1 checkout the change locally without merging it into master (for testing) #2 make commits and push them so that they get included in that same PR - how can I do that?