+ [2020-01-31T15:33:48Z] btr9494 does anyone know if there's a way to expose public ports on github actions CI so you can receive webhooks? i'm trying to use port forwarding services like ngrok but some of Stripe's API sends a lot of webhooks and the port forwarders throttle requests
+ [2020-01-31T18:18:03Z] osa1 is this the right channel to ask about actions? if I have a job job1 with a step step1, and job2 and job3 that needs job1, can I use a variable in job1.step1 in job2 and job3?
+ [2020-01-31T18:20:17Z] osa1 I don't see an expression syntax for that here https://help.github.com/en/actions/automating-your-workflow-with-github-actions/contexts-and-expression-syntax-for-github-actions but just to make sure
+ [2020-01-31T18:41:26Z] rawtaz osa1: its quite dead, this channel, but it is indeed a valid place to ask :)
+ [2020-01-31T18:41:32Z] rawtaz you can always mail github support otherwise

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Posted by rawtaz in #github at 2020-01-31T18:41:32Z

you can always mail github support otherwise
+ [2020-02-02T19:31:46Z] johnch been having trouble with accessing GitHub all weekend. Repeatedly being asked to verify my er-mail address and access to the account gets suspended until verified again. Several minutes later it happens again.
+ [2020-02-02T19:32:22Z] johnch have logged a ticket via a web form but no one has got back to me yet
+ [2020-02-02T19:33:00Z] johnch anyone know what is going on?
+ [2020-02-02T21:10:20Z] jhass johnch: does https://github.com/settings/security-log show anything suspicious?
+ [2020-02-02T21:39:03Z] johnch just checking....