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+ [2020-10-26T15:50:12Z] jhass We closed down #github to forward it to here, better representing its status as a community resource
+ [2020-10-26T15:49:50Z] jhass All other users :)
+ [2020-10-26T13:46:03Z] jhass Sorry, we've just been moving the channel to here :)
+ [2020-10-25T22:35:05Z] jhass absinthe: I'm sure they're quite busy with other things right now ;)
+ [2020-10-25T22:34:25Z] jhass not so recent, but finally tackled :)
+ [2020-10-25T22:25:45Z] jhass sure :)
+ [2020-07-07T08:33:45Z] jhass got a link to the branch?
+ [2020-07-07T08:33:34Z] jhass IHasFingers: just go to compare view?
+ [2020-07-06T11:51:58Z] jhass juanonymous:
+ [2020-06-30T12:41:02Z] jhass it's by no means intended as a full replacement
+ [2020-06-24T20:44:11Z] jhass nedbat: that's unfortunate, used by seems like a useful thing to judge a libraries quality
+ [2020-06-24T20:40:19Z] jhass collaborators? idk :D
+ [2020-06-24T20:39:35Z] jhass maybe it's only visible to contributors
+ [2020-06-24T20:39:27Z] jhass nedbat: I don't seem to see them
+ [2020-06-24T20:36:32Z] jhass mmh, yeah it doesn't go away if I untick environments, nvm
+ [2020-06-24T20:35:44Z] jhass maybe languages?
+ [2020-06-24T20:30:49Z] jhass well optimization for the sponsored, not the user :D
+ [2020-06-24T20:30:20Z] jhass the things listed there are just the tags, no actual github release objects
+ [2020-06-24T20:29:37Z] jhass that might just be UI optimization, as they never did any actual releases: (I went to "11 tags", then "releases")
+ [2020-06-24T12:13:42Z] jhass but a git fetch; git checkout gh-pages instead of it should work