+ [2020-02-02T21:43:36Z] jhass doesn't seem like a general problem
+ [2020-02-02T21:47:11Z] johnch jhass: well ok, thanks. That's a useful place to look so thanks for pointing it out.
+ [2020-02-02T23:30:56Z] iKarus987 Anyone here }
+ [2020-02-02T23:35:27Z] R2robot nobody here but us chickens

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Posted by johnch in #github at 2020-02-02T19:31:46Z

been having trouble with accessing GitHub all weekend. Repeatedly being asked to verify my er-mail address and access to the account gets suspended until verified again. Several minutes later it happens again.
+ [2020-02-03T00:49:43Z] Monotoko Hey guys... I have two githubs, one is a work one and has access to private repositories.... one is my personal one, somehow my personal one has commited into the private repos
+ [2020-02-03T00:50:09Z] Monotoko Anyone got a clue how that could have happened? I'm using a key generated under the work one
+ [2020-02-03T00:51:21Z] R2robot doesn't make sense
+ [2020-02-03T00:51:54Z] R2robot are the repos the same?