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+ [2017-04-22T20:37:32Z] AdmiralBumbleBee it's not awful... but once you experience the live-reload and near-instant generation of hugo
+ [2017-04-22T20:35:08Z] AdmiralBumbleBee compared to jekyll taking literally 100x more time
+ [2017-04-22T20:35:03Z] AdmiralBumbleBee but it also renders this same site, with much more complex themes in milliseconds
+ [2017-04-22T20:34:42Z] AdmiralBumbleBee I attempted to convert to hugo recently, and hated it....
+ [2017-04-22T20:34:30Z] AdmiralBumbleBee allejo: I will look in to that, thank you
+ [2017-04-22T20:31:56Z] AdmiralBumbleBee it's basically just a posts list, paginated to 10 per page
+ [2017-04-22T20:31:35Z] AdmiralBumbleBee allejo: already have done that, it's my default page... however I have it as lean as possible
+ [2017-04-22T20:30:05Z] AdmiralBumbleBee allejo: are you aware of anything to speed this up further? even with -I I'm still taking around 5s a post
+ [2017-04-22T19:41:55Z] AdmiralBumbleBee with jekyll watch, it takes up to 20 seconds for changes to show, it's a bit irritating
+ [2017-04-22T19:41:40Z] AdmiralBumbleBee hello folks, where can I find some information on speeding up the regeneration process with jekyll?
+ [2017-02-10T15:10:55Z] AdmiralBumbleBee if you can't tell them to use git/ftp then you've already decided that jekyll is not for you