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+ [2016-10-04T16:54:01Z] ankitraj dnf install git
+ [2016-10-03T10:38:18Z] ankitraj well while doing git push I am getting 403 error
+ [2016-10-03T10:37:31Z] ankitraj for submitting pr , do you need to be a contributor?
+ [2016-10-03T10:35:44Z] ankitraj that label is clickabel or not?
+ [2016-10-03T10:34:44Z] ankitraj which is not working
+ [2016-10-03T10:34:37Z] ankitraj see there i am adding label to hacktoberfest
+ [2016-10-03T10:34:14Z] ankitraj
+ [2016-10-03T10:33:18Z] ankitraj are you able to click on them
+ [2016-10-03T10:32:32Z] ankitraj canton7, but it is not working
+ [2016-10-03T10:31:09Z] ankitraj after creating issue there no option for labeling canton7
+ [2016-10-03T10:30:38Z] ankitraj while creating an issue I cant see any labeling option
+ [2016-10-03T10:27:28Z] ankitraj how to add label for an issue/
+ [2016-09-24T11:48:14Z] ankitraj but that didn't happen in my case
+ [2016-09-24T10:13:22Z] ankitraj for showing my commits of gerrit
+ [2016-09-24T10:13:03Z] ankitraj Does my gerrit account name should always match to my git account?
+ [2016-09-15T20:26:00Z] ankitraj why I always got ERROR: Missing Signed-off-by: line(s)?