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+ [2020-07-14T21:22:43Z] canton7 Wut, we have people with ops in here? That's a first!
+ [2020-07-03T09:23:11Z] canton7 rmarcand, most likely? Don't they give you a support contact when you buy GHE?
+ [2020-07-02T08:40:13Z] canton7 Ah right, it's now on the right-hand side of the blue bar at the top of the file list, where it says "XXX commits"
+ [2020-07-02T08:39:38Z] canton7 Ah, they moved everything in the new UI
+ [2020-07-02T08:39:10Z] canton7 bleb, sure, in the "Commits" tab
+ [2020-06-24T08:31:51Z] canton7 Azitrex, there are no github staff here I'm afraid. This is a volunteer-run channel
+ [2020-06-10T08:20:50Z] canton7 raj, still having that problem? You're trying to clone over ssh. Ssh always need authentication -- if it's asking for a password, that means you don't have a key pair set up (there's no password you can enter there that will work). Either clone over http or over git://
+ [2020-05-21T19:30:25Z] canton7 Lewix, (to be honest, I don't know of any tooling which handles that perfectly, since the commit that was reviewed as unavoidably changed, although some handle it better than others)
+ [2020-05-21T19:29:52Z] canton7 Lewix, as in, the tooling we use for reviews has a harder time if one version of a commit is reviewed, then that's rewritten post-review
+ [2020-05-21T15:31:56Z] canton7 ah right, so it hasn't actually fetch that branch from the remote?
+ [2020-05-21T15:10:30Z] canton7 (or branch@{u} for a non-currently-checked-out branch)
+ [2020-05-21T15:09:09Z] canton7 platz, `git name-rev @{u}` seems to do it
+ [2020-05-21T08:20:26Z] canton7 Lewix, depends. We use rebasing for feature branches before they go into review, because it's a bit easier to fix up merge conflicts bit-by-bit, and it keeps the history cleaner for the reviewers. Once it's been reviewed we switch to merge-only, because otherwise the history of the review gets muddled between old and new versions of the commits
+ [2020-05-07T08:50:37Z] canton7 But each platform will add its own specific details onto the general meaning of "please merge my work"
+ [2020-05-07T08:50:37Z] canton7 ldl, technically speaking, a pull request / merge request is a request to someone to pull / merge some work from a branch of yours. Various tools exist to help with that process: github has a UI for "submitting" a pull request, UI for notifying someone that they've been sent a pull request, UI to review it, a button to automatically merge it, etc.
+ [2020-05-05T08:15:39Z] canton7 RoseBus, a mirror?
+ [2020-04-25T10:06:41Z] canton7 nickgaw, yeah, that was changed fairly recently
+ [2020-03-06T10:36:56Z] canton7 th_, for large projects, the size of all of the history is often smaller than the set of checked-out files from a single commit
+ [2020-03-06T10:28:14Z] canton7 th_, clone it, then use du :P
+ [2020-03-06T10:26:18Z] canton7 Although that's also affected by config values like core.compression, and the ones which tell it how much effort to put into packing