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+ [2017-02-08T06:41:32Z] cbx33 Is the theme used for the main jekyll site available to use as a base template?
+ [2014-09-16T16:00:08Z] cbx33 yeh, possibly a bug.....Idunno
+ [2014-09-16T15:58:39Z] cbx33 you have to explicitly add it
+ [2014-09-16T15:58:31Z] cbx33 as it turns out when yo uare using an OAUTH token "repo" scope doesn't give you access to status
+ [2014-09-16T15:58:12Z] cbx33 jssjr, fixed it
+ [2014-09-16T15:24:56Z] cbx33 and neither worked
+ [2014-09-16T15:24:54Z] cbx33 well I tried both
+ [2014-09-16T15:24:50Z] cbx33 ok
+ [2014-09-16T15:23:31Z] cbx33 jssjr, I am right in thinking I can push a status to a commit that is part of a PR by pushing to hte project that the PR exists on?
+ [2014-09-16T15:16:56Z] cbx33 jssjr, any other ideas?
+ [2014-09-16T15:16:37Z] cbx33 so I shuld have access
+ [2014-09-16T15:15:45Z] cbx33 I have 'x-oauth-scopes': 'gist, repo, user'
+ [2014-09-16T15:15:19Z] cbx33 thanks jssjr
+ [2014-09-16T15:14:10Z] cbx33 thanks
+ [2014-09-16T15:13:19Z] cbx33 can I get my scope from anywhere?
+ [2014-09-16T15:13:01Z] cbx33 hmmm lemme see
+ [2014-09-16T15:12:37Z] cbx33 maybe I'm just reading it wrong
+ [2014-09-16T15:12:30Z] cbx33 which is I guess correct as there are no statuses
+ [2014-09-16T15:12:22Z] cbx33 get returns [ ]
+ [2014-09-16T15:10:06Z] cbx33 jssjr any ideas?