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+ [2017-03-26T05:26:24Z] desnudopenguino browsers make me sad, they eat so much
+ [2017-01-15T01:32:29Z] desnudopenguino can you provide some context? what errors are you getting?
+ [2017-01-12T17:26:08Z] desnudopenguino should I remove the draft from the _drafts directory after I publish a post (move it to the _posts dir)?
+ [2016-11-29T18:40:35Z] desnudopenguino the whole md vs html thing is a little confusing to me yet. at least they are differentiated by the file extension hah
+ [2016-11-29T18:20:41Z] desnudopenguino figured it out, was trying to use markdown for the file. Switched to html
+ [2016-11-29T18:09:10Z] desnudopenguino just trying to remove the p tags there
+ [2016-11-29T18:09:06Z] desnudopenguino I have {% for page in site.pages %} \n [{{ page.title }}]({{ page.url }}) \n {% endfor %}
+ [2016-11-29T17:57:26Z] desnudopenguino is there a way to remove paragraph formating (<p>) from content inside a for loop?