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+ [2017-01-14T20:17:47Z] elliy parsnip: yeah it's probably a combination of a git command and a wrong directory, which is why I was only seeking general advice/guidance. I'll dissect the problem myself in the meantime, unless I find specific questions. Thanks!
+ [2017-01-14T16:32:36Z] elliy parsnip: they are the same as the ones in the link. Maybe I'll write my full query later + share my repo. (After checking the channel rules) sorry, I know it's a very vague set of questions.
+ [2017-01-14T15:55:01Z] elliy When I run the scripts, it builds the html files into the folder which holds the markdown files, replaces the markdown files, then pushes it all to github. Essentially I overwrite my core files and replace them with html.
+ [2017-01-14T15:53:05Z] elliy parsnip: I'll try to describe it as precisely as I can. I have installed Jekyll, and can 'jekyll serve' on its own. I have installed Travis CI, and have set up some of the scripts to deploy it (which includes a 'jekyll build').
+ [2017-01-14T15:12:58Z] elliy Any help would be greatly appreciated!
+ [2017-01-14T15:12:46Z] elliy Hi all, I'm a newbie looking for some advice regarding using Travis CI and Jekyll. I've been following this guide ( but I can't seem to understand which files go into which folder. Otherwise, I sort of understand how the process is supposed to work.