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+ [2017-01-16T21:49:52Z] halon what do you use to manage a jekyll blog? somethink lie octopress?
+ [2017-01-09T20:28:31Z] halon allejo: it work! i love u! thx
+ [2017-01-09T20:28:16Z] halon a.
+ [2017-01-09T20:25:19Z] halon i'll try
+ [2017-01-09T20:25:02Z] halon allejo: so it should be permalink: /:year/:month/:title.html or permalink: /:year/:month/:title/ ?
+ [2017-01-09T20:21:17Z] halon Hi, one question, it is normal so i have to add .html in the end of permalink in config.yml? if i don't do that i have 404 on evety post