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+ [2017-02-08T15:04:43Z] marrenarre jaybe: Smart, thanks!
+ [2017-02-08T15:02:12Z] marrenarre jaybe: Not sure what you mean by "problem statement", but when I iterate over site.pages to render navigation, "main.css" is included.
+ [2017-02-08T14:53:36Z] marrenarre jaybe: I'm still not sure what to do.
+ [2017-02-08T14:24:53Z] marrenarre Isn't that only for partials that are included by other Sass stylesheets?
+ [2017-02-08T14:24:23Z] marrenarre No, it's "main.sass" in the root directory.
+ [2017-02-08T14:23:17Z] marrenarre I'm trying to render my navigation by iterating through site.pages, but this includes the stylesheet. What would be the best/easiest way to ignore unintended files?
+ [2017-02-08T14:22:44Z] marrenarre Hi. I have a Sass stylesheet that begins with two lines of "---", making it a page. However, I don't really think of it as a traditional page in the sense that, for example, I'm not going to link to it in my navigation.