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+ [2017-04-27T23:50:58Z] p3lim to get private repos that is
+ [2017-04-27T23:50:34Z] p3lim or just the teacher?
+ [2017-04-27T23:50:26Z] p3lim For classroom and private organizations, does each student still need to sign up for education (on GitHub that is)?
+ [2017-01-12T02:34:33Z] p3lim there it is, I'm using gh pages :/
+ [2017-01-12T02:34:15Z] p3lim Nikky: exactly what I'm trying to do
+ [2017-01-12T02:32:52Z] p3lim unless there is some way to use filters here
+ [2017-01-12T02:32:40Z] p3lim I have to add it to the collection
+ [2017-01-12T02:32:31Z] p3lim but I can't group by 'year', as it doesn't exist
+ [2017-01-12T02:32:16Z] p3lim I'm aware of [[ group_by ]]
+ [2017-01-12T02:31:15Z] p3lim what I really want out of this is a collection of all posts, grouped by year
+ [2017-01-12T02:30:42Z] p3lim still no dice
+ [2017-01-12T02:30:39Z] p3lim allejo: was trying something like this to work around that site.posts might be protected
+ [2017-01-12T02:26:05Z] p3lim or create one
+ [2017-01-12T02:25:36Z] p3lim hrm, doesn't seem like I can modify collections from the "design" end
+ [2017-01-12T02:08:41Z] p3lim [[ ]]
+ [2017-01-12T01:41:24Z] p3lim thanks
+ [2017-01-12T01:41:21Z] p3lim yeah it's under docs
+ [2017-01-12T01:35:59Z] p3lim jaybe: that one
+ [2017-01-12T01:35:53Z] p3lim [[ ]]
+ [2017-01-12T01:29:57Z] p3lim jaybe: that link is dead to me