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+ [2017-02-15T02:23:49Z] parsnip i'm just new, i try to keep tooling to the elegant minimum, but not too minimal.
+ [2017-02-15T02:23:21Z] parsnip jaybe: thanks, will look this over, and try to resign myself to using bundler for now.
+ [2017-02-15T00:54:05Z] parsnip hmm, minima rakefile has a require bundler in it
+ [2017-02-15T00:50:32Z] parsnip can I install minima without bundler?
+ [2017-02-07T06:03:10Z] parsnip ./factoids whatis liquid
+ [2017-02-07T05:57:41Z] parsnip ./list
+ [2017-02-07T05:57:27Z] parsnip ./help
+ [2017-02-07T05:56:59Z] parsnip ./help liquid
+ [2017-02-07T05:56:54Z] parsnip ./liquid
+ [2017-02-07T04:27:59Z] parsnip parkr: thank you sir!
+ [2017-02-07T04:27:51Z] parsnip oooohhh, it's `split` not `strip`!
+ [2017-02-07T04:02:57Z] parsnip well, i don't really need it, there's only three appendices
+ [2017-02-07T04:01:43Z] parsnip jekyll 3.3.1
+ [2017-02-07T04:01:31Z] parsnip same thing. is this a module problem? is assign not builtin jekyll?
+ [2017-02-07T03:57:55Z] parsnip i get `Liquid Exception: Liquid error (line 5): wrong number of arguments (given 2, expected 1)`
+ [2017-02-07T03:48:31Z] parsnip parkr: then {% for c in my_arr %} should work?
+ [2017-02-07T03:34:42Z] parsnip can i do like {% for c in ['A', 'B', 'C'] %} ?
+ [2017-02-05T18:05:46Z] parsnip of course, accomplished following a blog tutorial.
+ [2017-02-05T18:05:13Z] parsnip he had a mind-splode when i spun up a self-hosted wordpress for him to mess around with.
+ [2017-02-05T18:04:15Z] parsnip i tried to explain blogging software to a friend recently. i told them jekyll and wordpress are at two ends of a spectrum, and they are both well supported. any sweet spot beyond or in between, you'll encounter fewer tutorials, etc.