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+ [2017-01-23T21:14:49Z] pkill9 stoned: have you checked the wiki?:
+ [2017-01-20T15:01:13Z] pkill9 combine it how?
+ [2017-01-12T22:57:48Z] pkill9 allejo: posts don't need frontmatter though
+ [2017-01-12T20:03:55Z] pkill9 basically described in this issue
+ [2017-01-12T20:03:11Z] pkill9 is there a way to configure a collection so all pages under it are processed even if they have no front matter?
+ [2017-01-09T23:19:08Z] pkill9 and ty allejo
+ [2017-01-09T23:17:47Z] pkill9 out of interest does anyone use version 2.2 of Jekyll?
+ [2017-01-09T23:03:26Z] pkill9 what's the best way to get latest jekyll version in Debian jessie?