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+ [2021-06-11T23:57:45Z] psprint allejo: ah! thanks!
+ [2021-06-11T23:16:15Z] psprint allejo: anything new maybe?
+ [2021-06-11T22:51:34Z] psprint allejo: yes;
+ [2021-06-11T22:47:25Z] psprint allejo: buf if you open a page that lists posts, do you see the broken ones? It appears tome, from --verbose, that for me too the files aren't picked up, yet they appear on such pages…
+ [2021-06-11T22:34:50Z] psprint it's the free theme Feeling Responsive
+ [2021-06-11T22:34:30Z] psprint allejo:
+ [2021-06-11T22:29:11Z] psprint It doesn't show for me either… then why I'm seeing such posts, with a broken title of " · –", in my blog views?
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:55Z] psprint my backup files in question are inside _posts, just noting
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:18Z] psprint ok, w8
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:08Z] psprint I'm using it
+ [2021-06-11T22:23:04Z] psprint allejo: did you use --drafts option to `serve`?
+ [2021-06-11T22:20:22Z] psprint ahso, ok
+ [2021-06-11T22:16:35Z] psprint allejo: e.g.:
+ [2021-06-11T22:16:10Z] psprint I've found something about "filter_entries()". How to use it?
+ [2021-06-11T22:07:37Z] psprint sadly the line: - "*~" doesn't work, I still get the backup files as draft posts listed…
+ [2021-06-11T22:03:01Z] psprint jaybe: allejo I'm getting the following error after adding `- *~` to exclude. Why?: "did not find expected alphabetic or numeric character while scanning an alias at line 80 column 7 (Psych::SyntaxError")
+ [2021-06-11T21:59:05Z] psprint allejo: thanks
+ [2021-06-11T21:59:05Z] psprint jaybe: thanks
+ [2021-06-11T21:11:31Z] psprint How to make --drafts ignore unix backup "files~" ?
+ [2021-06-10T09:52:11Z] psprint Could anyone help me?