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+ [2017-07-07T13:10:24Z] tobiasvl yashkp: !staging
+ [2017-07-04T11:01:23Z] tobiasvl czart__: find the file in github's ui and click the line number you want to get a link that highlights that line
+ [2017-06-27T13:34:37Z] tobiasvl royal_screwup21: !sync
+ [2017-06-23T12:03:36Z] tobiasvl lizzy: read the link gitinfo gave
+ [2017-06-23T11:27:20Z] tobiasvl !sensitive
+ [2017-06-23T11:27:16Z] tobiasvl lizzy: what do you mean? delete it retroactively for all past commits too?
+ [2017-06-19T13:52:25Z] tobiasvl ertes-w: OK. I don't understand why, but that's your problem to solve, I suppose
+ [2017-06-19T13:34:42Z] tobiasvl if what you're worried about are personal accounts that can be compromised joining work orgs
+ [2017-06-19T13:34:20Z] tobiasvl github organizations can impose 2FA on accounts that join them, for example, would that help?
+ [2017-06-19T13:33:51Z] tobiasvl in what way?
+ [2017-06-19T13:21:06Z] tobiasvl why do you need separate accounts anyway?
+ [2017-06-19T13:20:54Z] tobiasvl it would seem so, but ask !sgc to be sure
+ [2017-06-13T09:11:30Z] tobiasvl Al_nz1: context? do you see this error in github?
+ [2017-05-30T08:09:15Z] tobiasvl kode54: I don't tsee any problem with that, unless you want to file a DMCA takedown because they're hosting one of your images
+ [2017-05-19T07:44:42Z] tobiasvl sparkshift: this place? the IRC channel? or github
+ [2017-04-04T13:45:29Z] tobiasvl webley: !sync
+ [2017-04-04T07:13:26Z] tobiasvl robertparkerx: if you meant push like selckin says, then that is not unusual
+ [2017-04-04T07:12:18Z] tobiasvl robertparkerx: that was a huge first commit. that will probably take a while, I dunno. never tried a giant commit such as that on a fresh repo
+ [2017-03-31T13:46:39Z] tobiasvl I'm not sure
+ [2017-03-31T13:46:37Z] tobiasvl possibly can though