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+ [2016-09-02T14:41:28Z] unholycrab git submodule foreach git pull
+ [2016-09-02T14:05:26Z] unholycrab i have to go into the submodule directory, pull directly from its repository, back out into the main repository, and commit the changes
+ [2016-09-02T14:04:54Z] unholycrab and when i do git pull --recurse-submoduless, it doesn't really update past that commit
+ [2016-09-02T14:04:41Z] unholycrab in github i see foo @ <hash>
+ [2016-09-02T14:04:32Z] unholycrab however!!! it looks like it links to a commit of foo, not the branch "bar"
+ [2016-09-02T14:04:19Z] unholycrab so im expecting it to attach the repository foo, branch bar, and mount it as a subfolder "foo"
+ [2016-09-02T14:03:59Z] unholycrab ive added a gitmodule using something like this ^
+ [2016-09-02T14:03:50Z] unholycrab
+ [2016-08-16T21:12:47Z] unholycrab it would be cool if i could bake it into the different git configurations
+ [2016-08-16T21:12:38Z] unholycrab i mean, it is an environment variable, but
+ [2016-08-16T21:12:30Z] unholycrab Seveas: can i set that in the git settings, by chance? or is that an environment variable
+ [2016-08-16T21:11:00Z] unholycrab id have to do some ~/.ssh/config hack where i create host aliases+
+ [2016-08-16T21:10:30Z] unholycrab and theres no way to configure the git clients in the different repositories on the server to use different keys
+ [2016-08-16T21:06:38Z] unholycrab do i really need to create a separate key for the second repository