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+ [2017-02-02T11:41:53Z] leventel I installed octopress-multilingual with bundler, my Gemfile is
+ [2017-02-02T11:38:43Z] leventel when I ran "bundle exec jekyll serve" I got that output:
+ [2017-02-02T11:37:11Z] leventel I have just started with Jekyll/GH pages and tried to build a multi-language blog with octopress-multilingual gem
+ [2017-02-02T07:44:30Z] leventel I got this output:
+ [2017-02-02T07:44:14Z] leventel then I tried to run "bundle exec jekyll serve"
+ [2017-02-02T07:43:44Z] leventel I add the octopress plugin and installed with bundler
+ [2017-02-02T06:57:26Z] leventel just a logical grouping for building separate sites for separate purposes
+ [2017-02-02T06:56:14Z] leventel allejo: as I see the group isn't necessary
+ [2017-02-02T06:46:11Z] leventel allejo: thanks, what is the general syntax of the Gemfile?
+ [2017-02-02T06:21:28Z] leventel I'm sorry, but I haven't any Ruby knowledge
+ [2017-02-02T06:19:32Z] leventel how should I modify my current Gemfile:
+ [2017-02-02T06:19:07Z] leventel
+ [2017-02-02T06:19:04Z] leventel so if I want to install octopress-multilingual plugin, I should add the gem to my Gemfile (I'm using bundler)
+ [2017-02-02T05:41:26Z] leventel jaybe: thank you for your help :)
+ [2017-02-02T05:31:59Z] leventel my last question (today): what if I would like to build a blog in 2 languages, is there any "smart" solution with Jekyll?
+ [2017-02-02T05:29:16Z] leventel not a big deal, because I can use static strings in my layouts, but I'm wondering what is the proper way to set variables with custom values
+ [2017-02-02T05:27:02Z] leventel the generated <h1> tag was empty
+ [2017-02-02T05:26:43Z] leventel so when I deleted the "| default: ...}}" ending
+ [2017-02-02T05:22:19Z] leventel I meant site.title, sorry