+ [2016-10-22T18:02:39Z] Seveas dling: you're not trying to authenticate with a public key, or with one not associated to account
+ [2016-10-22T18:04:05Z] rfuentess hi strange question, I fetch the changes from upstream, then merge to the master, then merge to a local branch (required for a PR), created two new commits on the branch.
+ [2016-10-22T18:04:23Z] rfuentess Then tried to use git rebase -i HEAD~3 and got a large list of commits
+ [2016-10-22T18:04:46Z] rfuentess I'm assuming those are from the merge, but I remember doing something similar months ago, and didn't got something similar
+ [2016-10-22T18:06:38Z] rfuentess it was something when I did the merge ?

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Posted by Spark in #github at 2016-10-22T15:44:52Z

Hi, is there a process whereby an inactive and empty user github.com/grit/ can be reclaimed by an established project under the same name?
+ [2016-10-23T00:24:59Z] KCmetro aloha
+ [2016-10-23T00:54:03Z] mandeep so a lot of my contribution activity is missing from my profile. is this a known issue?
+ [2016-10-23T00:56:17Z] mandeep nvm seemed to be an issue related to email
+ [2016-10-23T04:03:01Z] Sargun Sort by stars appears to be broken: http://imgur.com/a/EfHcn
+ [2016-10-23T04:32:33Z] mandeep Sargun: the search feature is pretty much broken