+ [2019-05-23T23:24:34Z] bensh wrong window
+ [2019-05-23T23:25:41Z] bensh tanja84dk: You can select specific commits. Look at the "cherry-pick" command
+ [2019-05-23T23:27:07Z] tanja84dk bensh: thanks for the tip I will try to figure out how that works
+ [2019-05-23T23:45:41Z] tanja84dk Thank you very much for your helt. Could not get it to work on the website but found a guide to it in the shell

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Posted by txdv in #github at 2019-05-23T08:31:52Z

github down?
+ [2019-05-24T07:44:57Z] allejo when you fork a project and intend on maintaining it as a separate project, how do you handle tags and versioning? I was thinking starting over at 1.0 for semver but should I delete all the tags from the original project or should I continue that version number?
+ [2019-05-24T07:45:08Z] allejo i.e. what's the common practice for that
+ [2019-05-24T12:25:01Z] salad i just made a new project but when i to push it i get remote repository not found "name.git" not found what am i doing wrong?
+ [2019-05-24T12:25:32Z] salad *when i try to push
+ [2019-05-24T12:41:06Z] salad double credentials, solved.