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+ [2021-10-05T18:12:18Z] allejo I'd rather not have an entirely separate tool for my work notes. more for me to manage
+ [2021-10-05T18:11:44Z] allejo yea :(
+ [2021-10-05T07:03:49Z] allejo jaybe: I did! I liked it but was sad about the lack of Windows support :(
+ [2021-06-14T19:59:30Z] allejo are you opening the html file as-is in your browser? or are you accessing it via a web server?
+ [2021-06-12T00:16:33Z] allejo np
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:35Z] allejo your drafts are templates from the theme that don't have a title
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:23Z] allejo
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:01Z] allejo uhm
+ [2021-06-11T23:16:49Z] allejo sorry, stepped away while i waited. it built. i can replicate your problem but something tells me it's not your backup files, it's your regular posts that are failing
+ [2021-06-11T22:55:31Z] allejo if sassc ever decides to finishi installing
+ [2021-06-11T22:55:15Z] allejo let's see
+ [2021-06-11T22:48:17Z] allejo is your site source open source or something you can share that we can use to test locally
+ [2021-06-11T22:45:56Z] allejo i can't replicate that behavior. to me, `paginator.posts` appears to be returned the correct non-backup files
+ [2021-06-11T22:31:54Z] allejo liquid wise. or are you using a theme?
+ [2021-06-11T22:30:24Z] allejo ooo that's a good question. what's your layout look like?
+ [2021-06-11T22:26:03Z] allejo yea, verbose isn't showing the ~ file being read for me
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:16Z] allejo see if it's picking up your ~ files in there
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:06Z] allejo can you do a --verbose also?
+ [2021-06-11T22:24:01Z] allejo yup
+ [2021-06-11T22:20:23Z] allejo jekyll 4.2.0 for me doesn't pick up my `.md~` file inside of _drafts. i didn't even touch the config file with exclude