+ [2013-08-27T17:03:47Z] kalib /home/kalib/octopress/plugins/stickers.rb:5: syntax error, unexpected '<'
+ [2013-08-27T17:03:49Z] kalib <html>
+ [2013-08-27T17:03:51Z] kalib ^
+ [2013-08-27T17:03:53Z] kalib and so on..
+ [2013-08-27T17:03:55Z] kalib any tip?

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Posted by kalib in #octopress at 2013-08-27T17:03:53Z

and so on..
+ [2013-08-28T00:29:03Z] kalib Hello, does anyone knows how to change the font size on octopress? I did check on google (many blogs) nothing is working for me. For exampĺe, I think the titles of the articles are sooo big. -> http://blog.marcelocavalcante.net
+ [2013-08-28T00:29:03Z] kalib thanks, by the way
+ [2013-08-28T00:57:24Z] pontiki kalib: octopress ships with SASS. you can reset whatever you'd like
+ [2013-08-28T00:59:16Z] kalib pontiki: it's what I'm trying to do. I just can't identify which part corresponds to the "title" font-size, for example. :/
+ [2013-08-28T01:00:10Z] pontiki if you look in your _layouts, look at post.html or page.html and see what HTML tags are used