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+ [2017-04-27T23:34:20Z] buzzedword I can't change mine anymore
+ [2017-04-27T23:34:15Z] buzzedword Is anybody else having issues updating their Integration's webhook URL?
+ [2017-03-21T04:29:56Z] buzzedword nvm. im not requesting an installation token, and im trying to use the integration
+ [2017-03-21T03:23:10Z] buzzedword i'm currently trying to write this in node, and using the recommended JWT library here:
+ [2017-03-21T03:20:53Z] buzzedword further, reading the ruby stdlib docs, the `new` method generates an "RSA instance" or an "RSA keypair", but again, is unclear as to if its public/private, format, or encoding
+ [2017-03-21T03:19:27Z] buzzedword i dont really work with JWT or OpenSSL that often, so i was under the assumption that the .pem github provides is the key thats needed, but it clearly needs more-- what specifically is being generated in the `` step in the example?
+ [2017-03-21T03:18:10Z] buzzedword i dont fully understand what's happening in the example provided where we use the PEM file provided after you create your integration, and generate a private key to use to sign the JWT
+ [2017-03-21T03:17:21Z] buzzedword im trying to complete an integration authentication following the directions located here: