+ [2017-04-27T23:34:15Z] buzzedword Is anybody else having issues updating their Integration's webhook URL?
+ [2017-04-27T23:34:20Z] buzzedword I can't change mine anymore
+ [2017-04-27T23:50:26Z] p3lim For classroom and private organizations, does each student still need to sign up for education (on GitHub that is)?
+ [2017-04-27T23:50:34Z] p3lim or just the teacher?
+ [2017-04-27T23:50:58Z] p3lim to get private repos that is

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Posted by buzzedword in #github at 2017-04-27T23:34:20Z

I can't change mine anymore
+ [2017-04-28T08:13:26Z] diphtherial hey, i'm still trying to get used to using GH collaboratively; a guy on the team submitted a PR with me flagged to review it and while i agree with the changes there are a few things i'd add to it
+ [2017-04-28T08:13:54Z] diphtherial is the usual practice just to tell them, to somehow flag the lines that i'm concerned about, or to check out the branch and push my own commits to fix the changes?
+ [2017-04-28T08:14:14Z] diphtherial i'm not sure if there's a standard here or if it varies from group to group
+ [2017-04-28T08:15:19Z] canton7 diphtherial, depends on how your team works. The usual is to comment on the lines you want him to change - github lets you do that easily
+ [2017-04-28T08:15:41Z] canton7 there will then be some back-and-forth as you sort things out, eventually everyone will reach a consensus, and you'll merge