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+ [2017-02-08T14:24:33Z] captn3m0_ I'm not very sure, but try moving it to _sass
+ [2017-02-08T14:24:03Z] captn3m0_ Is it inside a directory that starts with a _?
+ [2015-01-14T16:28:03Z] captn3m0_ I'll think about it, but it will be hard to support
+ [2015-01-14T16:27:13Z] captn3m0_ your jekyll code is in a repo, right?
+ [2015-01-14T16:21:47Z] captn3m0_ you can then edit it live as long as the code is up on github
+ [2015-01-14T16:21:24Z] captn3m0_ where you are hosting it separately, but keeping the code on github
+ [2015-01-14T16:21:14Z] captn3m0_ But, it might work for some intermediate cases
+ [2015-01-14T16:20:18Z] captn3m0_ I'll have to write my own backend server (compatible with the github api at that)
+ [2015-01-14T16:20:04Z] captn3m0_ No, because most standard instances use something like apache/nginx to serve content
+ [2015-01-14T16:14:01Z] captn3m0_ If you give feedback, you are eligible for a bounty available at
+ [2015-01-14T16:12:58Z] captn3m0_ Its a in-place editor for jekyll websites (think alternative) that will be very easy to use once done
+ [2015-01-14T16:12:14Z] captn3m0_
+ [2015-01-14T16:12:14Z] captn3m0_ I wanted to develop this a bit further before posting for review, but haven't been able to get the time. Would love it if someone could give me some feedback