+ [2017-02-08T15:04:43Z] marrenarre jaybe: Smart, thanks!
+ [2017-02-08T15:09:21Z] jaybe welcome!
+ [2017-02-08T23:01:26Z] misty Is it possible to apply a jekyll layout to a file that is already static html?
+ [2017-02-08T23:01:41Z] misty like to add an admonition to the top of each page?
+ [2017-02-08T23:52:36Z] allejo if a file is just plain HTML, you can add front matter to it and use 'layout' and all of that html will be available as "{{ content }}" just like any collection item

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Posted by captn3m0_ in #jekyll at 2017-02-08T14:24:03Z

Is it inside a directory that starts with a _?
+ [2017-02-10T05:19:15Z] Guest64966 Hi, i have imported my wordpress site to jekyll but i'm having some troubles with my posts, permalinks doesn't work
+ [2017-02-10T05:19:53Z] Guest64966 do you have some doc or idea to solve that?
+ [2017-02-10T14:52:18Z] BernhardPosselt hi, jekyll sounds like a great idea but how do you solve the editing issue for standard users?
+ [2017-02-10T14:52:35Z] BernhardPosselt non tech people seem to be afraid to not be in control
+ [2017-02-10T14:53:07Z] BernhardPosselt and you cant really tell them to use git/ftp to update their stuff nor to run some commands to test the html