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+ [2016-12-14T11:09:11Z] dknight87 canton7: thanks for all the pointers.
+ [2016-12-14T11:03:38Z] dknight87 canton7: how can I do this in python? Any opnsource github api module available?
+ [2016-12-14T10:42:04Z] dknight87 yep, found it. How can I do this at the org level rather than user? I want all PRs for all private repos in my org
+ [2016-12-14T10:39:02Z] dknight87 canton7: what's this stats item?
+ [2016-12-14T10:35:27Z] dknight87 canton7: any chance you can point me to the api calls? I don't have much idea about how the api works. What I need is the cumulative size of the PR(total addition, removals of all commits)
+ [2016-12-14T10:15:32Z] dknight87 canton7: biggest by size(KBs or very large commits)
+ [2016-12-14T09:59:59Z] dknight87 hi guys, I want to get the top 10 biggest Pull Requests by size in my private github org. How can I achieve this in python and the github api? Please advise.
+ [2016-12-07T13:57:17Z] dknight87 hi guys, is it possible to get all commits from last week for a given repo using the github api?
+ [2016-12-07T11:20:07Z] dknight87 can I use the github API? Any reference? :(
+ [2016-12-07T10:51:32Z] dknight87 hi guys, how can I get the top 10 Pull Requests by size in my github organization?