+ [2016-12-14T18:35:14Z] jnavila Is there a good reason why the committer is github when merging a PR from the web interface?
+ [2016-12-14T21:05:25Z] canton7 jnavila, probably to indicate that the PR was merged from the web interface?
+ [2016-12-14T21:05:35Z] canton7 I've never seen that be the case, personally... Maybe it's a new thing
+ [2016-12-14T21:06:44Z] jnavila Well, the tool used to perform the merge is useless for future. I wonder if it's only for self-promotion
+ [2016-12-14T21:07:54Z] jnavila canton7: it seems to be quite old. git log --format=fuller shows me that it's older than one year at least

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Posted by dknight87 in #github at 2016-12-14T09:59:59Z

hi guys, I want to get the top 10 biggest Pull Requests by size in my private github org. How can I achieve this in python and the github api? Please advise.
+ [2016-12-15T05:49:38Z] bilb_ono I am trying to push to my repo. and I get this error: remote: Permission to AlexMarshall12/AlexMarshall12.github.io.git denied to alex-conduce. This of course makes sense. I am using the wrong username. I want to push as AlexMarshall12, not alex-conduce
+ [2016-12-15T05:49:41Z] bilb_ono how can I do this?
+ [2016-12-15T08:46:31Z] tobiasvl bilb_ono: what command are you using to push?