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+ [2021-10-13T20:28:21Z] jaybe
+ [2021-10-05T18:15:11Z] jaybe i can accomplish a lot of the same searching, accessing, etc. with finder’ search for #tags, titles, etc. fsnotes just is prettier :)
+ [2021-10-05T18:14:40Z] jaybe meaning - i won’t bother looking at it if the content isn’t 'free'
+ [2021-10-05T18:14:27Z] jaybe technically, one of the main points about fsnotes is that it’s truly agnostic
+ [2021-10-05T17:14:26Z] jaybe allejo: ah yah - that’s right - mac only can be a real issue for cross platform folks. fair point.
+ [2021-10-04T20:43:54Z] jaybe allejo: had a chance to play with fsnotes?
+ [2021-09-29T14:29:04Z] jaybe {{ content | inspect }}
+ [2021-09-29T14:28:30Z] jaybe mooperd: more info
+ [2021-09-27T15:14:31Z] jaybe ~ [4.2.1 | 3.9.1] Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby - Home: - Docs: - GitHub: - Help/Talk: - Teams: - Liquid:
+ [2021-06-14T18:08:56Z] jaybe may or may not be relevant
+ [2021-06-14T18:08:47Z] jaybe just additional information
+ [2021-06-14T16:31:06Z] jaybe kempo: “baseurl"
+ [2021-06-11T22:44:52Z] jaybe is there a collections_dir: in your _config.yml?
+ [2021-06-11T22:06:09Z] jaybe don’t need trailing slash for folders
+ [2021-06-11T22:05:58Z] jaybe - Gruntfile.js
+ [2021-06-11T22:05:58Z] jaybe - node_modules
+ [2021-06-11T22:05:58Z] jaybe - js
+ [2021-06-11T22:05:58Z] jaybe exclude:
+ [2021-06-11T22:05:57Z] jaybe and or, e.g.
+ [2021-06-11T22:04:04Z] jaybe exclude: [DIR, FILE, ...]