+ [2021-06-11T23:16:49Z] allejo sorry, stepped away while i waited. it built. i can replicate your problem but something tells me it's not your backup files, it's your regular posts that are failing
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:01Z] allejo uhm
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:23Z] allejo https://github.com/neo-mc/neo-mc.github.io/blob/master/_drafts/post_with_image.md
+ [2021-06-11T23:19:35Z] allejo your drafts are templates from the theme that don't have a title
+ [2021-06-11T23:57:45Z] psprint allejo: ah! thanks!

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Posted by jaybe in #jekyll at 2021-06-11T22:05:58Z

- Gruntfile.js
+ [2021-06-12T00:16:33Z] allejo np
+ [2021-06-14T11:59:22Z] kempo hi everybody. i am new to jekyll. got most of the things up now and my layout and everything works :) but now i just recognized that when i built the site, it servs well with the internal dev-webserver. but when i open the _site/index.html all the assets and links dont work
+ [2021-06-14T11:59:47Z] kempo it links to /imprint.html for example in the ahref tag but thats not working, at least not locally
+ [2021-06-14T12:00:12Z] kempo i linked to that site with {% link imprint.markdown %} (i combined markdown and html on the bottom in that file