+ [2017-02-02T23:11:39Z] misty thanks for telling me about --profile
+ [2017-02-02T23:15:45Z] misty any idea why page.title would be null on a page that has title set in the frontmatter?
+ [2017-02-02T23:43:01Z] allejo misty: woo! glad that helps :D
+ [2017-02-02T23:43:15Z] allejo and i'm not sure, you could do {{ page | inspect }} and see what's being dumped there
+ [2017-02-02T23:51:53Z] misty I think it's redirects from using the redirect_from plugin

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Posted by leventel in #jekyll at 2017-02-02T05:31:59Z

my last question (today): what if I would like to build a blog in 2 languages, is there any "smart" solution with Jekyll?
+ [2017-02-03T00:24:02Z] allejo layouts are used in redirects?
+ [2017-02-03T10:56:09Z] jekyll-noob Hi! I am building jekyll using lsi to generate an index of related posts. The build itself works and i get some nice related posts but jekyll serve seems to forget about the lsi option. If I run jekyll serve and change any file the lsi is gone and site.related_posts just shows the most recent posts again. Is this intended behaviour or a bug? It's kinda inconvenient
+ [2017-02-03T10:57:39Z] jekyll-noob I have to correct: The watch option forgets about lsi, not the serve option itself.
+ [2017-02-03T16:30:30Z] gynter ./tell
+ [2017-02-03T16:30:30Z] jekyllrb (tell <nick> <text>) -- Tells the <nick> whatever <text> is. Use nested commands to your benefit here.