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+ [2017-01-15T03:32:18Z] singh gonna sleep, byee byee
+ [2017-01-15T03:24:43Z] singh do u have a github account
+ [2017-01-15T03:24:30Z] singh yeah now its workingg
+ [2017-01-15T03:20:59Z] singh thanks a looot
+ [2017-01-15T03:20:54Z] singh srry its _site in the first onw
+ [2017-01-15T03:20:36Z] singh now the _test/assets/main.css and _site/css/main.css has the same code
+ [2017-01-15T03:19:51Z] singh got it right, I just added @import "minima"; to css/main.scss
+ [2017-01-15T03:00:00Z] singh how can i fix that
+ [2017-01-15T02:59:38Z] singh yeah its there
+ [2017-01-15T02:57:34Z] singh the main.css file has, body { background: pink; }
+ [2017-01-15T02:56:45Z] singh and thats the only css file I have in _site folder
+ [2017-01-15T02:56:22Z] singh when i compiled, the compiler created a new file at _site/css/main.css
+ [2017-01-15T02:53:18Z] singh i dont know why
+ [2017-01-15T02:53:08Z] singh i have mentioned body background: pink, no error. The background color is still white
+ [2017-01-15T02:52:17Z] singh i have changed _header.sass
+ [2017-01-15T02:47:45Z] singh yeah
+ [2017-01-15T02:46:44Z] singh well if i remove those --- lines, it works fine
+ [2017-01-15T02:45:28Z] singh How can i fix that?
+ [2017-01-15T02:43:39Z] singh srry _sass/_main.sass
+ [2017-01-15T02:43:25Z] singh And what does 'main' in @import 'main' refers to. Is it -sass/_main.sass